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Hajime is the first person Tooru goes to when he sees a UFO

- 4 hours ago


"In the battle of height that is volleyball, libero might be the only position where a short player can thrive. However, I’m not a libero because of my height. Even if I were two metres tall, I’d still play as a libero. Even if you can’t spike the ball, even if you can’t block it, if the ball doesn’t touch the floor, then you can’t lose in volleyball. And the one who is best in ensuring that is the libero."

- 4 hours ago
me: *sees somebody watching anime*
me: haha nerd
me: *goes home and watches anime*
- 5 hours ago


reading the Haikyuu manga and I love Yachi!! and her relationship with Hinata is so cute!!!! ( > v < )

- 1 day ago
It's their revival!
- 1 day ago
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kenma and kuroo lady ver. again…

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please stay with me until the end